Monday, January 4, 2016

Review for A Taste of Utopia by L. Duarte

Seth Phoenix knows how it feels to have lost it all. Which is why he worked so hard to gain it all back. As one of the best male escort in the country, he has it all—money, looks, and the greatest job description: to pleasure women. He wants for nothing in life. Until one day, completely captivated by a beauty and innocence he had never seen before, he marries one of his clients.
Charlotte “Lottie” Cahan is a student at the prestigious Yale. As a self-professed geek, she wears thick glasses and her nose is always buried in a book. But on her 21st birthday, her best friend convinces her to go to Vegas for a night of fun. Despite her insecurities and unworldly innocence, at a whim, she marries a man she just met. What she doesn’t know is that this man was hired to give her 21 orgasms on her 21 birthday.
This steamy relationship seems to be destined for forever. But the world is a smaller place than they both believed and secrets, long forgotten and abandoned, will resurface to haunt them. Can they survive? Or is this fated to be just a taste of utopia?

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My 5 Star Review 

Wow! Just wow!
This book was freaking amazing. I got an email a few weeks ago from L. Duarte and it said when you have time.
Well I read this book in less than two hours. I was completely in grossed in this book and couldn't put it down.
Seth is a male escort who takes amazing care of his body and he knows his ways around a woman body. But there is so much more to him then we think. He made a huge sacrifice for someone he loved very much and it has haunted him for over ten years.
Charlotte is a super cute dorky young woman who has everything going for herself. Then on her 21st birthday she meets or shall I say runs into Seth and well both of their world's get turned upside down.
Now call me geeky and corny but this book is exactly what I needed to read. I was starting to doubt love and finding the one....then I laid in my bed and started to read this book.
This book is beautiful, amazing, sexy, and hot as hell, and crazy romantic. Every words in this book will have you feeling certain ways. I like to pick books apart when I read them....put myself in the characters shoes.
So with all my rambling, please go and get this book. It is amazing and I freaking loved every second of it. Just to seat back and read someone's journey of discovering love is outstanding/breathtaking. Hell as much as I love me some Seth and trust me I want to steal him from Lottie....but I couldn't do that. These two characters are prefect for each other. They both have learned so much from one another.
I do hope that one day we will get a small piece of them again....because these two characters are amazing.

L. Duarte thank you from the bottom of my heart for wanting me to read yet another one of your masterpieces. I swear it is as if you know exactly what I need to read before I even do. I truly needed this book in my life at this very moment. So thank you! Bravo and well done.

About the Author:

I have found that there is only one thing better than reading, and that is writing. I am always torn between the two. I am also frequently torn between chocolate and coffee. However, I emphatically do not like the month of February, lies, and flies. For me, bravery is defined by the courage to do what we fear the most. 
One of my all-time favorite quote is from Albert Einstein. "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle." I live according to the latter, so is fair to say my writing will always include miracles. And by that I mean, lots of love, hope, and faith. These are some of the greatest miracles of life. I live in Connecticut with my husband and two children. Drop a few lines. I would love to hear from you.
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