Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Review for Every Love by LK Collins

Another masterpiece in the bestselling Every Soul Series, which ends beautifully. Follow Nate on his journey through finding love, risking it all, and having to finally face his PTSD in the end.
Post – Living in the after, the events that took place over a year ago are etched in my brain. Haunting me in the worst ways imaginable.
Traumatic – Physical and psychological scars have me so wounded that I can’t get through a day without my mind swirling with constant fucked up images.
Stress – Anxiety. Panic. Rage. I’m not myself and the pain I fight through each day has made me make some really bad decisions.
Disorder – Out of control. Not fucking normal. Nowhere even close.
I say fuck Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.
The life I left behind is gone and everything I’d hoped to return to has been stolen away, all while I was being beaten, starved, and tortured. But being Nate Wilcox, I pick my ass up, ‘cause I’m a fucking survivor. Even if my methods are totally fucked up, it’s all I can do to keep the pain at bay.
***This book is an Erotic Romance novel and contains mature subject matter. It is not intended for those under 18 years of age. This book can be read as a stand alone.***

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My 5 Star review

This book is all about Nate and let me tell you...this man...only in my mind! I won't go there because my mom reads my reviews....
So Nate got deployed and had to say goodbye to the love of his life. Then he was missing for a year but everyone thought he was dead. Then when he is finally able to come back home to the states he finds out that Arion the love of his life has moved on to someone else.
Nate struggles with PTSD and he sees a consular but also tries to deal with it in his in way. He has so much going on in his life. He has Arion still on the brain, then trying to cope with his inner self, and lastly his mother has MS.
Now that is a ton of *hit to deal with. Oh and did I mention he owns a gym too.
Then Nate finds love and clarity when he least expects it.
All three of these amazing stories will break you and then they will fix you. I was an emotional basket case while reading these books. You would think that these characters were real and they were my friends. Just ask my mother she can tell you....it was scary there for a second.
I am sad to say goodbye to this series but I do have to say that I am now complete and happy with everyone's ending. Now the best part is that this series will never be forgotten. Because it is that *ucking good!

LK Collins you rock! Please never stop doing what you do!

About the Author:
Bestselling author, LK Collins, writes emotionally and sexy gripping Erotic Romance novels. She's a lover of the oxford comma and everything in the writing world. Her stories are compelling and will draw you in from page one, and with twists and turns, she always keeps her readers enthralled 'til the end. When LK's not lost in the minds of her characters, you can find her on the beach with her family, where her husband and writing partner, "The Prezident," are sure to be plotting out her next tale.

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