Thursday, October 15, 2015

Review for Beauty and the Biker by Glenna Maynard

Tristian Vandacamp wants nothing more than for Isabella to remember the past they once shared. 
"She can't remember and I can't forget." ~Tristian 

Isabella Perez wants nothing more than to survive paying the debt owed by her father to a notorious biker. 

"He is my captor and I am his pet. I’m the beauty and he’s the beast. My father made a deal with the devil and now it is up to me to pay his dues." ~Isabella 

This is a standalone dark novel

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My 5 star review 


I will  be honest and tell you that I was not sure what to expect with Beauty and the biker. BUT Glenna Maynard took my favorite childhood story and turned it into my now favorite adult story. 

I mean Tristan is everything! He is hard, relentless, amazing, loving, caring, sexy, scary, demanding and so much more. There were times in this book that I wanted to kick his *ss because he was being a *ick. Then there were times that I wanted him to cut my dress off and have his way with me. 

This book will have you hanging onto even word. *ucking brilliant! I promise you. Hell I pouted when I got to the end because I didn't want it to be over. 

An adult fairytale at its finest! I love it!

About the Author:

Glenna Maynard is a Kentucky native with a passion for romance best known for her bestselling romantic suspense novel I'm with You and The Black Rebel Riders' MC series. When she isn't arguing with the voices in her head or drinking reader tears, she enjoys watching classic TV shows with her two children and longtime leading man.

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