Saturday, September 5, 2015

Why I Enjoy Reading and Reviewing Books!

Why I enjoy reading and reviewing books!

I love to read. The crazy thing is I was really never a big reader, well that was until I went through a pretty rough break-up. So I decided to read instead of going out a partying or so on so forth.
Right then I decided to read The Dirty Girl's Book Club's top 20 book list and boy did....I crush that amazing list in no time. All of the books on that list were pretty damn awesome.
Then I joined Twitter and met the crazy amazing author named Mary E. Palmerin. I read her book Succumbing to Scar and Sorrow now known as Succumbing... well lets just say that I fucking loved her book and she loved my review.
So now I love to read and I am told that I am a very passionate reader. I enjoy diving into a book because when I do I am diving into a whole different world. Sometimes I am like man that's it I am jumping on a plane going to New York and I am going to find me some him so and so and then I don't know what.... and other times I am hiding in my closet curled up in a ball and crying like a baby...(thanks to Colleen Hoover)

With all that being said...Thank you to my Ex-fiancé for agreeing to call it quits when it was overdue(yes we are still friends), thank you to the dirty girl book club for your amazing book list, thank you Mary E Palmerin for loving my craziness, and to Christine for telling me to start a blog!