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Review for Gus by Kim Holden

Kim Holden

The journey that began in top-rated, best-selling Bright Side, continues ...
This is the story of Gus.
Losing himself.
Finding himself.
And healing along the way.
“ … but the honest-to-God truth is I don’t even know how to function anymore. Bright Side wasn’t only my best friend; she was like my other half ... the other half of my brain, the other half of my conscience, the other half of my sense of humor, the other half of my creativity, the other half of my heart. How do you go back to doing what you did before, when half of you is gone forever?”
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My 5 star review

This book was amazing. I can honestly tell you that I was nervous to read this book at first. Why you ask...well it is because Bright Side was such an amazing book that I feared for the Author when she released Gus. Please don't miss understand me I have 100% faith in Kim Holden, I truly do. But when you have a 20 star book like Bright Side it is kind of hard to top that.
Well let’s just say that she topped the shit out of Bright Side in a totally different way, that it is too hard to sit here and lie to you and tell you that one is better than the other. I can't do that and I sure as hell aren’t going to lie to you.
Gus is every word imaginable wrapped in one. He is a smartass, sassy, amazing, loving, kind, gentle, harsh, cocky, normal, funky, funny, and different. Now please keep in mind that I feel hard for Gus in Bright Side BUT now I am completely obsessed with him now. He is one of those characters that you just hope and pray the author will not break your heart. Or leave you with no fingers nails and a broken kindle when you are finished reading it.
No this book will take you on a journey and not just anyone’s journey, Kim Holden will take you on Gus's journey. His journey of heartbreak and self-destruction....and so much more. I will tell you to get some tissue and yes even a glass of wine. Because when he listens to Bright Side's recording I was crying so hard I was looking for a damn brown paper bag to breathe into.
Then when you least expect it Kim introduces us to Scout. Scout is coolest book character ever! Why...well because she is! She is feisty and adorable as hell. Plus she uses the shit out of Post-its....Hello...that is so me!
I want to go into detail and tell you everything that I know about this book but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone out there who has not picked up this book yet. I for one am pissed off that it took me so long to read this book.
To Kim Holden...Thank you so creating two beautiful touching stories. You did it outside the box and you rolled with it and I loved every single word. I got the pleasure of meeting her in Ohio this year and I can tell you that she is incredible and she is truly loved by all of her readers. So again thank you for giving us Bright Side and Gus. I can tell you that these two characters will now and forever hold a very special place in my heart. Thank you!

About the Author:

I (Kim Holden) live in the greatest city in the world: Denver, Colorado. Some of my favorite things: reading, writing, the two coolest guys on the planet (my husband and son), my bicycle, Facebook, iced coffee, and music. I also love dreaming. And speaking of dreaming, I have a bit of advice for anyone reading this ... follow your dreams. It's never too late. Get started today ... heck get started RIGHT NOW! Make your dreams reality.
I love to hear from fellow readers. Love. It. Please come find me. We'll hang out. It'll be fun:
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