Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review: Threat by Elena Ash

"Let the games begin, Leah Parker. I'm about to make your summer very interesting."
David f**king Banducci. How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways. He was the biggest thorn in my side when we were young. Back then, he was tall, hot and dangerous--hell, he still is; more so, actually, plus an arm full of tatts. He used his popularity and charming, cocky smile for evil. He never missed a single chance to tease me, torment me, or make my life miserable. Worst of all, I never knew why he targeted me to begin with.
You'd think time would heal all wounds, but whoever said that was a lying sack of sh*t.
Because I'm an adult now, so I should be over it, right? Well that's kind of hard now that my absentminded father is married to his stripper mother. Thanks, Dad.
Now I'm stuck on the back of his motorcycle, clinging to his muscular form for dear life as we trek across the country to my dad's lakehouse. And worse yet, he's found new ways to torture me. Ways that send chills down my spine. Ways I just might not be able to resist...
And all I wanted was a nice, quiet summer to myself.
THREAT is a sexy, full length, standalone romance with a HEA...if you can handle him first.

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My 4 star review

I have to say that this book was really good and it held my attention from beginning to end. The chemistry that these two characters have is freaking fabulous. I mean one minute that are at each other’s throats ready to kill one another and then then next minute that want to rip each other’s clothes off.
I now have a soft stop for Threat, I mean his whole life to me was a lie. Once he talked to his father...I just wanted to jump in my kindle and take care of him. OMG then towards the end of the book when he did a semi 180....Be still my heart. I am telling you...soft spot.
Leah is on my good side. She is something else, living life under the radar. I get it, I truly do. But I love how Threat starts playing Truth or Dare and she starts to open up to him a little more.
Now again this book is crazy awesome, hot as hell, and just overall adorable. I also like who this book is in both Threat and Leah's point of view. That to me makes the book. I need and want to know what they are thinking!

Great super-fast go and read it and tell me what you think?

About the Author:
Elena Ash is a southern transplant living in the mid-west with her husband and blended family of furry friends. She is a college graduate who loves getting lost in a good story, and has an unhealthy penchant for sweets and celebrity gossip.


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