Friday, November 13, 2015

Review: Carter Reed 2 by Tijan

Carter bought his way out of the mafia to protect Emma, but when an old ghost returns to the Mauricio Family, a chain of events starts that can harm everyone. While Carter must decide to return to the Mauricio Family or not, a face that is oddly familiar to Emma comes into her life. She’s given the chance to discover more about her family while tension between the rivaling Mauricio and Bertal Family comes to a head in an explosive way. The truce is officially off, and when the two worlds collide, Carter’s decision is made. 
He didn’t start this war, but he will end it. 
He will do anything to protect Emma. 

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My 4 Star Review:

I don't know where to begin. I love Carter Reed and I am a huge fan of his regardless what he does for a living.

I will say that book two was not as good as book one. It took me a minute to really get into this story and that breaks my heart. I think it was because there was so much going on in this story. I mean this author had my mind running with all kinds of different scenarios.
Cole hello Carter Reed Jr.....not really but to me he is. This dude has this whole mysterious I am taking my place back in the family business. He is always there when you are not expecting him to be there.....I will not lie I was betting that he was a bad guy. No joking.
Emma is still Emma. Feisty as ever and never going down without a fight Emma. I still think that she and Carter are the perfect opposite couple. I love it.
Then you have my man. One of my first boyfriends himself. Carter Reed is still dripping sexy hot to me.
I did enjoy this book. I am sad that it is over because I could go for will what happens to them in the 5 years but I know that somethings are better left to the imagination. But I will not be mad it a novella happens next. Hint...hint

About the Author:

I didn't start writing till later in life. I hope I'm doing it right, and if not, I'll continue to keep trying! Nothing special about me. I've got an English Cocker that I absolutely adore, a man I couldn't be without, and this insatiable need to keep writing the words, all the words! 

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