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Review for Gable by Harper Bentley



Harper Bentley

Gable Powers had all the makings of everything my father had ever warned me about: a reputation that was anything but stellar, a dirty mouth that had me shivering at the things he uttered in my ear, and a body (oh, God, that body) that was covered in tattoos, all of which added up to a solid ten-point-oh on the bad-boy scale.
The first time I met him, I instantly loathed him.
The second time was even worse.
He was a jerk. He was an ass.
He had secrets.
He was nothing I thought I ever wanted.
So why couldn’t I resist him?
New adult. Not recommended for readers under 17.

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My 5 star review
Gable is this bad boy who is sort of, kind of the black sheep of the family. He is a bit of a bad boy with a hard exterior but on the inside, we will just say that is’nt really how he is. This man is hot! And I mean HOT…HOT!! The words that come out of this man's mouth are enough for me to want to shake my kindle because I can't reach in there and pull him out for myself. If I could I would not hesitate for a second either.
Scout is this young very beautiful woman who is not like most girls that are around Gable. Girl’s panties practically melt right off when he walks by but Scout’s are still intact. She is a no bullshit kind of girl and doesn't take shit from anybody, which made me like her all the more.
Gable and Scout meet at a class they have together and well let’s just say he is trying his hardest to get a reaction out of her. And she is trying even harder to not let him see that he is actually getting to her.
Now I can sit here and go on and on and tell you this whole book but, I won't. I won't because I need you to read this so you can see firsthand how Gable really is. I need you to see for your own eyes why he is the arrogant, cocky, sexy ass man that he really is. It will be the greatest thing to happen to you in a while I promise. Oh and let me tell you…you will love every damn word of this book!

Harper Bentley I adore you! I love every book that you have written and I’m sure I will love every one you are going to write. You are turning me into one big book whore! All of the men that I have come to love and it is all your fault…LOL. My first love was Chase and now I have added more of your men to my list and there will always be room for more Harper Bentley's men on my list! You are an amazing, crazy awesome author and I can't wait to read your next book!

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  1. Aw! I adore you too, Cecily! So glad you loved Gable as much as I do! We'll have to arm wrestle each other for him lmao ;) <3