Sunday, January 4, 2015

Review for Ever, Sarah by C.E. Hansen

Ever, Sarah


C.E. Hansen

Sarah Williamson wakes up in the hospital with no memory of how she came to be there, or of the handsome stranger standing before her claiming to be her fiancé.

In fact, she doesn't even remember her own name. Every once in a while, she gets these feelings of familiarity, but what scares her the most are the flashes of something horrific happening. These visions haunt her and she finds it difficult to separate the dreams from reality.

Although she learns she has a mother who claims to love her dearly, she feels alone, not knowing who she can trust, or if people are who they claim to be.

Bradley Hunter struggles with the possibility that his fiancé may never remember who he is or the life they were building together. He wants nothing more than to pick up where they left off, but can he protect her from her lack of memory before her accident and the uncertainty and doubt she is feeling?

She finds a diary, evidently written by her and begins to put some of the pieces together, and what she discovers is not only shocking, but it also puts her directly in the path of danger...again. Her fierce determination to know what happened to her and why, sets her on a course that will forever change her life and unlocks some memories that are difficult for her to overcome.

Sarah may never remember everything that happened to her before the 'accident', but she does learn enough to know that she nearly died, and it wasn't an accident.

My 4 star review

All it took was reading the first page of Ever, Sarah for me to know that this book was going to be extremely good. I absolutely did not want to put this book down. I just had to find out what the hell was going on...

What do I mean? Well first off, you learn that Sarah was engaged to this super-hot amazing guy Bradley. But then there was an accident that left her in a coma. When she woke up, she couldn't remember anything. Not even her own name, broke my heart reading that part. But this corny, strong-willed woman pushed forward. Yes...she had some flash backs of little things here and there but what we come to find out is that none of them are true memories.

However, once she gets released from the hospital and goes the home that her and Bradley share, that’s where everything starts to get good. I mean real good as it will literally have you on the edge of your seat wanting to know more. If I were to judge the spot in the book where this happens, I would have to say it is the second half of the book. Not saying the first half was bad but the second half, let me tell you, I was biting my nails reading the rest of Ever, Sarah. It had me on pins and needles all the way up to the end.

C.E. Hansen did an amazing job intertwining romance, lust, passion, love, twists and turns, secrets, craziness, madness, and a bunch of other goodies in this book. And she did a fantastic job giving me...I mean readers, you’re not so typical ending. AND... I loved every minute of it, even though she almost gave me a heart-attack in certain parts.

Oh...and I really want Bradley! Like really want him...

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