Thursday, July 5, 2018

Review for About a Girl by Mary E. Palmerin

Sprucewood High School changes everyone. The girl with sad eyes who walked out of the bathroom stall; she made herself puke. The star basketball player can’t read an entire sentence, so he takes his anger out on the introverted kid after third period. His face turned purple and blue.

Olive was just a girl.

Fletcher was just a boy.

And there they were, together, wandering in the chaos of it all. Their paths crossed, all because of fate. She was the lost girl who wanted to love, but she also wanted to die. He was the mysterious new kid with golden eyes that held a story she wanted to know.

Together, they attempt to figure out a way to numb themselves from the pain of finding out who they are in this world, where they belong, and how to handle the memories that haunt them in their nightmares. Addiction in its nastiest of forms torments them, threatening their false paradise as they attempt to escape their pain.

Will their self-destructive ways be too much for the love they start to feel? Or is it even love when it is clouded by the H they shoot into their veins? Hearts break and souls get crushed at Sprucewood High.

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My 5 Star Review

I have read almost every single one of Mary's books. I can tell you all about each and every one of them without even batting an eye. I don't have to re-read them to know what they are and I can even tell you why I love them so much. 

About a Girl is a little different for me. This book is definitely a 5 star read but in my opinion this is different from any other book she has written. This book is about a girl named "Olive" and a boy named "Fletcher".

In a way this is a better modern version of Romeo and Juliet but a million times better and without them being in revival families.  

Olive and Fletcher had me in tears and my heartstrings literally broke for them. It could be because they are my children's age or could it be because I could of been one of them when I was their age. 

While reading this book there were times when I had to put this book down and take a deep breath because the author writes this book as if she is the character and we are stepping into her story. It is beauty and a masterpiece. I say that because once you start this book you will not want to stop until it is done. 

Olive and Fletcher are a beautiful disaster....They are perfection and beauty in another life but in this life they are a disaster so my Olive and Fletcher are a beautiful disaster.

Olive is sad period and it is a if all of her life is dead inside. This character makes the reader what to jump into the story and save her. Save her from dying and save her from herself, but then you sit back and think....Does she really want to be saved and can you even save her without losing yourself.

Fletcher is the new kid on the block and no one really knows him but yet you are dying to know all about him. He is the pure version of you never know what and how someone truly is until you peel back the layers that we are humans make for ourselves. 

I wanted to hate Fletcher with every fiber of my soul but I couldn't. While reading this book he jumped into my soul and set up shop in there. There is something about this young man and I can't quite figure it out just yet, but I will in book two. 

There are two songs that play over and over in my head when I was reading this book, you may like them, you may love them, and you may hate them. 

So I had the pleasure of attending Mary's book signing in Arkansas and it was at the cutest little book store ever. Have a look....

We caught a picture of a gentlemen buying her book for his daughter. 

The cutest cookies in the world. One is a heart and the other are ballerina shoes.

Me and Mary E. Palmerin! aka Thelma and Louise

Mary Signing my book.

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