Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Review for All of you by Fabiola Francisco

#1 Amazon Best Seller in Country Music
She's a single mom with a messy life. He's Rebel Desire's bass player.

I want what all my friends have.

He doesn't need my baggage.

I can't stop thinking about her.

Romance isn't my priority, my daughter is.

I want to show her she can have it all.

He thinks we can be a family.

Her and Rae are my family now, and no one will take them away from me.

He stays even when it's easier to leave.

I'm going to give her southern fairytale.

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My 4 star review

This book will definitely give you the feels. It is a story that will leave you with high hopes.

I mean who would want to fall in love with a single mom? It happens but not very often.

I was a single mom for 14 years till my soulmate came and found me. So in a way this book got me and I loved it.

Jason is a hot average guy who loves numbers and just happens to be in a very popular bad. All of his band mates are married or in a relationship and he just can't seem to find a good girl. A girl that will want him and not just dollar signs.

Cassidy is a young woman that got pregnant after a one night stand. She works at a whole in the diner but she does what she has to for her daughter.

When Jason and Cassidy meet it is like a worldwide. She is beyond scared and he is just ready to dive all in.

This book was bittersweet when it ended becusse I need to know the rest of their life. I am very happy with how everything turned out, it was perfect.

Scott and all....

About the Author

#1 Best Seller in Country Music
Amazon Top 100 Bestselling in New Adult & College Romance

Fabiola Francisco loves the simplicity—and kick—of scotch on the rocks. She follows Hemingway’s philosophy—write drunk, edit sober. She writes women’s fiction and contemporary romance, dipping her pen into new adult and young adult. Her moods guide her writing, taking her anywhere from sassy and sexy romances to dark and emotion-filled love stories.

Writing has always been a part of her life, penning her own life struggles as a form of therapy through poetry. She still stays true to her first love, poems, while weaving longer stories with strong heroines and honest heroes. She aims to get readers thinking about life and love while experiencing her characters’ journeys.

She is continuously creating stories as she daydreams. Her other loves are country music, exploring the outdoors, and reading.

Connect with Fabiola and get the 411 on her books and upcoming releases here: http://eepurl.com/cJKvIX

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