Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Review for Unwilling by LK Collins

There are three things in life that matter to Westin Smith.
And his company.

At least that was the case before Sasha Monroe charged into his life with her long legs and smart-as-hell mouth. Since the moment he laid eyes on her, she’s consumed him, making the three things he cares about . . . wash away.

From the moment Sasha meets Westin on a flight to The Infidelity Corporation, she can tell he is every woman’s greatest desire and worst nightmare wrapped up in a finely tailored six-piece suit. Yes, she might find herself daydreaming about him, but those fantasies are all wrong and will never come true. She’s on this trip for business, and that’s it.
Besides, she’ll never see him again.
Or so that’s what she thought.

A twist of events puts the two closer than ever.
Forced to align with Westin, does she have the power to say no to him?

My 4 star review

Westin, Westin, Westin...

This hot sexy man has met his match in first class. Sasha is a stern no BS kinda woman.

This book will keep all of your interest with every page you read. I had to find out if the man got his prize.

LK Collins is always suprising me with every book she write. Let's just say that I love me some dirty mouth Westin Smith!

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