Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Review for Bad Dad by Sloane Howell

He has a past. Could she be his future?

My son is my life. Nothing on earth matters but him.

Soon, I'll have to send him out into society. The cruel machine that gnashes innocence and spits out the hollowed remains of a child's imagination. It's a place I know all too well, considering my past. I've worked hard to separate myself from it, but it looms in the back of my mind--waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

My son, Logan, wants to have birthday parties, make friends, play at the park--all the normal things that seven-year olds want to do. All the things I want to do with him.

I've put up walls around our life to shield us from danger. Giant barriers to ward off possible threats.

Cora Chapman crashes through them like a wrecking ball. She's intelligent and hilarious with soft curves and a spark that ignites a flame deep inside of me.

There's only one problem--she's Logan's teacher.

When my past wraps its tentacles around my throat and threatens to strangle the breath from my lungs, I'm given an option--fight for my family's freedom, or die as they're stripped away from me.

I can't lose. I won't lose.

My name is Landon Lane and I am a warrior.

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My 5 Star Review

Where do I begin? I can tell you that this book is not like any other book Sloane Howell has ever written.

This book is about a father's love and what a man is willing to go through to save his family.

Landon Lane is my hero!

Landon is a hot sexy single dad that gets paid to spar with fighters. Well I should add professional fighters. When you look at Landon you either get weak in the knees or you walk quickly the other way.

He is shut off to the world and he only cares about his family. He has a small circle in his life but that is all he needs. He has no friends and he likes it that way.

Cora is a school teacher who puts teacher to a whole new meaning. She cares about her students and wants to see them all succeed. There is one particular child that has her heart and that is Logan. He is always helpful, sweet, caring, and wanting to do what is right.

Now this is just a rough summary of the characters in this book. The real raw stuff you will have to read on your own.

I will tell you that this book has everything you are going to want and never saw coming. There is love, romance, sex, lies, betrayal, murder, and a shit ton of humor.

You will love this book just as much as I did. Warning!!! I was in the break room on lunch at 80% into the book and from thast point on I read this book with tears in my eyes.

The dedication fits this book perfectly.

To Sloane Howell
Thank you for wanting me to read your work as it comes out. You are a flipping rockstar. This book is unlike any other book you have written. I am still in awe over this book.

You my dear killed It! Bravo!

About the Author
Sloane Howell lives in the Midwest United States and writes hot romance stories. A former college baseball player turned author, when not reading or writing, he enjoys hanging out with his family, watching sports, traveling, and engaging his readers on social media. You can almost always catch him goofing off on Facebook or Twitter, and trying to convince Mrs. Howell that it is "work."

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