Thursday, May 11, 2017

Review for Paper Hearts by Claire Contreras

Jensen Reynolds made a stupid, terrible, mistake years ago when while on a break, he slept with another woman and got her pregnant. He tried to make up for it by marrying her, which meant saying goodbye to the love of his life forever. 

Mia is done with men. They’re lying, cheating, scumbags and she doesn’t have time for any of them. That is, until she finds herself in a temporary position, taking photos for the same company that Jensen freelances for. 

This is a story about redemption, forgiveness, and how far one will go for a second chance at a love that just won’t fade away.


It blows my mind how good this books was. I mean I will be honest with you when I say I was not sure if this book was going to live up to book one.

Well I was wrong as hell. This book was freaking amazing.

Mia and Jensen takes young lovers to a whole new level. The spark and the sexual tension between them is off the charts.

Ok sorry....

Jensen is a bad boy punk who has a chip on his shoulder because his mother left him. His foster mother is his aunt which I think is incredibly sweet. Did I mention that he has a motorcycle too?!

Mia is this fiesty young lady who had a major crush Jensen. They all had the same group of friends..

Then well they started dating and they were madly in love. That was till Jensen went to New York and ended up getting someone pregnant...Oh and marrying them.

Now I am sure you are sitting there thinking what a POS. Well yes, I was thinking the same damn thing.

That was until you read more and more into the story. Which I wont tell you because you need to read this story on your own.

This book will make you believe in second chances. This book will make you believe in true love. This book will make you believe in soulmates.

I fell in love with Mia and Jensen. I felt every emotion that these two characters felt. When her heart broke mine did too. When he felt the rejection of her, I felt that too. When she felt the love that was written on paper, I felt that too.

The ending is going to be bittersweet because you are invested in these characters and poof the book is over. I didnt want their story to end but then again real love stories never end.

About the Author
Claire Contreras is a New York Times Best Selling Author. Her books range from romantic suspense to contemporary romance and are currently translated in over ten different languages. 

She lives in Miami with her husband, two adorable boys, three bulldogs, and two stray cats that she refuses to admit are hers (even though they live on her porch, she named them, and continues to feed them). When she's not writing, she's usually lost in a book. 

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